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About the Artist

Little known facts about Nina...


Was raised by Hippies. (Yes, real ones.)

Enjoys a glass of wine. (Let's be  honest here, she drinks a lot of wine!)

Is Roman Catholic.

Loves to eat.

Is always on a diet.

Hates sports.

Loves to run.

Has run four half marathons and one full marathon. (26.2 miles, baby!)

Is first born.

Bad with names.

Good with faces.

Is married to her high school sweetheart.

Has four awesome kids.

Is native to the Land of Lincoln. (That would be Illinois.)

Has lived in 6 states.

Has moved 24 times. (Blames her Sámi roots; semi-nomadic reindeer herders.).

Loves to sew..

Was well educated at Northern Illinois University and Texas A & M with concentrations in Ceramics, Art History, and Art Education.

Spent 8 years teaching high school art, sculpture, and ceramics. Has been a working artist since 1989.

Has been featured in numerous juried exhibitions.

Has won awards for her work.

Is part of private collections nationally.

Artistic contributor to 5 church renovations.

Splits her days between Bay St Louis and Jackson, Mississippi.

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